The Apple Pencil is My New Obsession


The past year I've been trying to "up my game" in regards to my illustration work. 

It was a natural progression of paper and ink, to watercolor, then I wanted to get digital. I found the Wacom tablets to be too expensive and required a computer. 

Then, I started to notice that my favorite illustrators were singing praises to Apple for the Apple Pencil. I decided to invest.

I AM NOW OBSESSED. It is the most comfortable and natural way to draw digitally that I've ever experienced.

I also find that Procreate has loads of tools from pencils to brushes to "flick" techniques. I love how the pencil option lets you shade on the side while also doing a pressure sensitive "hard" and "soft" line. 

Lastly, you do not need a computer, it even records the drawing, and records the time spent on each drawing. Amazing!

I am really enjoying how much improvement I've made since I've had this tool in my toolbox.

If you're on the fence about getting one, I would absolutely encourage it! 

Happy Drawing!